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Sell and hand over securely during the coronavirus pandemic!

Is your business unable to open during the health crisis we are living in ?

We are offering an Open Source solution to help you maintain your activity and sell your products contactless while fully respecting the health and safety instructions.

Thanks to this tool:
  • You can maintain your activity while respecting the health and safety instructions.
  • Time management is optimized with the reduction of queues.
  • No physical contact with the customers: the client pays online in a secure way and picks up the order in a way which works for you (locker with padlock, numbered boxes, code-operated locker, ...).
  • We support the merchants in going through this difficult time together.
Do you already have an e-commerce website?

If it is based on Sylius, we provide a free plugin that you can install on your existing platform. We invite the Open Source community to build on it to create versions compatible with other solutions.

Don’t have an e-commerce website?

You can create one in a few steps (we can also help you to create and host it)

  • 1

    Create your online shop. Put your inventory on it and indicate your schedules.

  • 2

    Use the timetable in the admin interface to see the upcoming orders.

  • 3

    Prepare the orders: put them in bags and make the order number noticeable (staple it or use a marker).

  • 4

    Put your orders on your shelf or in lockers. Don't forget to clean them carefully with the appropriate cleaning products.

  • 5

    * Monitor the pick ups from afar, from behind a window or using CCTV.

And on the customer side? The purchasing process is also very simple:

Go to the shop website's and select your products.


Select the collect location and the time slot that suits you.


Pay online or select in-store payment *.


Pick up your order at the selected time slot!

* We recommand online payment for sanitary reasons.
Demo version

You can use these links to discover the online shop and its administration page

Create my online shop



Contribute to the project on Github!

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